Doodle or Die: Get Inner Peace Today!

Doodle or Die OeufAre you worried or overthinking?

Do you sometimes suffer from anxiety?

Does your brain deserve a break today?

Doodling is the simple solution you are looking for!

Doodling is a relaxing, therapeutic way of drawing which can help you to find peace of mind. It requires no special talent or ability: Just pick up a pencil and let your subconscious mind take over! Try experimenting with repetitive patterns, grids, zig zags, curls, spirals, branches, plants, flowers, bubbles and geometric shapes. Don’t worry about making mistakes; the point is to enjoy the moment and clear your mind, not to create a finished and flawless work of art.

I’ve created a simple blank doodling template to doodle your own pictures, affirmations and positive suggestions within a circular mandala.  I’ve used it myself to remember some tips for managing anxiety, (above). I found the advice I had already read about anxiety management a bit overwhelming, so I decided to put the basic ideas on to one page. I used the spaces in between for free-style doodling and I put my oeuf design in the middle.

Free mindful colouring pages


Grab yourself a free copy of this blank doodling template, with complementary colouring pages, when you sign up to Doodle or Die: The Free Monthly Scribble!

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