How to Get Noticed on YouTube

Campervan Tales square for YouTubeDo you have your own YouTube channel?

Want a channel icon that gets you noticed?

Would you like something unique, fun and memorable?

A hand-painted YouTube channel icon could be just what you need!

Popular YouTubers are not only known for their engaging content and charismatic personalities, but also for their iconic YouTube channel logos. But you don’t have to be a famous YouTuber with millions of subscribers to have a unique and well-designed icon for your channel.

Daryl contacted me because he had seen some of my YouTube videos and thought that my sketchy style would be perfect for his channel.

I wanted a hand drawn image to use as our logo for our YouTube channel, Campervan Tales.
I happened to stumble across Peggy on a YouTube channel and I liked her style.
I described what I wanted to her and within a few days she emailed me her interpretation of my description. It was perfect. I then suggested some colours to her and lo and behold another couple of days and the completed artwork was done.
We are really pleased with the final artwork and it is already up on on channel as the logo and about to be made in to stickers.
It captures us and our two dogs perfectly, reflecting the fun element of our channel.
If we need any other artwork, we know who we will be asking to do it.
A definite 5☆☆☆☆☆ from us.

Daryl also got some great stickers made, with the logo on them. Daryl and Keith are now ready to set off travelling around the UK with their two gorgeous collies. They’ve named their campervan ‘Amble’ and their channel shows them converting the ambulance, before setting off to visit villages, towns and cities across the UK.

Check out: Campervan Tales.

Got an idea for your own channel icon? Get in touch and we can work together!

Want to see videos about how I make my cartoons, videos about narrowboat life, and videos of me performing my poetry? Subscribe to my YouTube channel!



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