The Shocking Truth About Your Data

I have your data

The Shocking Truth About What I Do With Your Data

So, hopefully today is the last day you get a GDPR email. If I have your email address and name (data) it’s because I send you free-spirited sketches and links to my blog once a month. I will not give your data to anyone else. I promise. It is kept locked away in a secret place. (Mailchimp – a company that acts like an electronic postal service.) You can unsubscribe at any time, but if you still want a new cheerful sketch once a month you don’t have to do anything.

If you’re not on the list yet head over here to check out what you get:

Doodle or Die: The Free Monthly Scribble

And if you want even more cartoons in your life find me on Facebook  and Twitter. Thank you for supporting my small art biz. It means the world to me that you like what I do.



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