How this ONE creative trick can get your business noticed

What does your Facebook cover image say about you? If you have a business page on Facebook you have only a few seconds to grab attention, stand out from the crowd and show potential customers a little taste of your unique personality. That’s where a low-cost art commission can really make you stand out.

I’ve recently added art commissions to my services for business owners. I have a degree in animation and have been creating Facebook logos and cover images for various narrowboat businesses, and roving traders such as Mark the Diesel Wizard, Ronni the Witchcrafter and Bags by Jane.

Watch now: Jane’s eye-catching Facebook cover got lots of good comments from her fans.


I also create bespoke logos and artwork, such as illustrations, website images, social media images, wedding invitations, birthday gifts, and cartoons of your friends and family. Get in touch if you want to discuss an art commission for your business. When Jane added this cover image to her Facebook page she was inundated with positive comments, such as, “That’s lovely Jane!”, “What a great image!” and “Love it. Both eye-catching and very appropriate. Well done to Peggy, for your artwork, and to Jane, for choosing Peggy to do it!”

Bags by Jane: Facebook cover
Bags by Jane: Facebook cover

You may also like to pop over and like my own Facebook page, to see cheerful cartoons in your news feed, be the first to see new designs, mugs and other products, and little videos when I do a live event, like a market stall. Click here:  YES PLEASE – I want to see more unique, whimsical, quirky designs from Peggy Pegworth! 

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