Dear #TeenageFanclub …

Teenage Fanclub in BirminghamDear Teenage Fanclub,

Thank you for three lovely nights in Birmingham. You have been my favourite band for 27 years and I think you are great.

Love from


(age 45)

I met up with a group of friends that I’ve known since we were teenagers. These days we all live in different towns all over England, so we booked an Air B’n’B apartment in Birmingham and bought season tickets to all three nights, when Teenage Fanclub played their albums and B-sides from the years they were with Creation Records.

I smiled til my face ached, danced til my feet hurt and met eight Norwegian men and a group of cheeky Irishmen. At times it was so emotional that grown men were crying all around me in the crowd! Founding member, vocalist, bassist and songwriter Gerry Love is leaving the band after these tour dates, so there were shout outs of “Love you Gerry!” and “Gerry don’t leave me!”

On night three original drummer, Brendan O’Hare asked us to bring homemade art to stick up on the backdrop behind the band. I’d forgotten to bring any art stuff with me but went into Birmingham to get felt tip pens and quickly drew this picture above.

In the interval at ‘half time’ Brendan came out to collect fan art from the audience. I told him I had already given mine to security and asked if he had got it. He shook my hand and said, “Yes, it’s amazing!” It was displayed on the backdrop for the duration of the gig but was taken down afterwards. I hope the band got to keep it. These nights were special because all members of the band, past and present, were there, so I included all of them in my picture: The magnificent seven!


So, Francis Macdonald from Teenage Fanclub has featured my artwork on his blog, (alongside his other favourite paintings that he’s seen in art galleries while on tour!) And Brendan O’Hare shared it on his Facebook page, where he shares his artwork and music news. He said “A lovely piece of art for the backdrop wall in Birmingham.”

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