How to Think of a Gift That Your Friend Will Love

Bethan asked me to do a cartoon sketch for her friend’s birthday.

We would like one of him next to his Winnebago. Let me know if you can help and I’ll send you some pics of him and the bus.

I had previously created a portrait of Bethan and her partner on their narrowboat, with their dog and their ferret. [Video] Unexpected Gift Stuns Narrowboater!

I asked for a full-length photo so that I could see what kind of clothes her friend might wear. Bethan said,

He loves his festivals and always wears bright flowery clothing.

The photos she sent me included this hat and sunglasses, and Bethan asked me to include his big sheepskin skin jacket, because he wears that a lot. The animation above shows the original pencil sketch, the inked in version and the final painting. There is also a scanned version where I tried out different colours using my computer.

Bethan loved the painting and surprised her friend on his birthday. Have you got a friend who deserves a unique surprise? Portraits are perfect for engagements, weddings and birthdays. See more portraits here: Portrait Commissions. 


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