[Video] What are Chilligibbon’s Stringed Things?

How much fun can you have with an old box? Chilligibbon’s Stringed Things say, quite a lot actually! They make cigar box and vintage tin guitars, ukuleles and musical instruments on board a canal boat. This is how I used a chilli and a gibbon to create their new logo.

Chilligibbon’s Stringed Things are licensed Roving Canal traders, which means all of their items are made onboard their narrowboat in the midlands, England.

They trade from their boat whenever possible and post dates of when and where they will be trading. If you would like to go along and see them and try any of the instruments for sale catch up with them on the Chilligibbon Facebook Page. Nothing says cigar box and vintage tin guitars and ukuleles like a gibbon on a chilli moon.

Give me a shout if you’d like to chat about creating a unique logo for your business.


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