The ONE Surprise Gift That Your Family Will Love

Cartoon family portrait

Are you looking for a surprise gift for your husband, wife or partner?

Are you struggling to think of something thoughtful and unique?

Does it feel like they already have everything they need?

A bespoke cartoon portrait is the solution you are looking for!

As you can see, I don’t do caricatures. The drawing will be in my own unique style. Just let me know about any likes, dislikes, car, family, hobbies, job or occasion you’d like included in the image and I’ll do a pencil sketch. After you have approved the sketch I’ll ink and colour the personalised cartoon portrait. You can also have the portrait printed onto a greeting card, mug, cushion cover, keyring or other gift, using a service like CafePress.

This portrait was created as a surprise birthday gift, and includes the pets; three cats, a dog and an African snail!

Don’t buy your loved one a gift before you’ve seen my peculiar portrait gallery!



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